Area Attractions

Area Attractions

Venda offers the most scenic areas like the Mukumbane Kraal, Lake Fundudzi, The Holy Forest, Waterfalls and a spectacular look-out point. Please note that curtain areas can only be accessed with a 4x4 vehicle and accessibility relies on the weather. Tour guides and tours can be arranged with the Limpopo Tourism board, but is subject to availability of guides and vehicles. Tours to see these attractions can be arranged.

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The Kruger National Park

The Punda Maria Gate is approximately 76km from Khoroni. Punda Maria Camp lies in the northernmost part of the Kruger National Park, 10km from the Punda Maria Gate. The Camp is in the Sandveld Region, which is often described as the botanical garden of the Kruger National Park. Numerous plant species abound which are unique to the area. Game species most lightly to be sighted include impala, zebra, buffalo, elephant, eland and sable. The area is also a birder's paradise.

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